The Diamond advantage

Nobody does what you do better than you. Nobody. Shippers know their cargo, the unique characteristics, the subtle attributes; these things are the bread and butter of a shipper. Carriers are masters of the transportation industry. They know how to get cargo where it needs to go when it needs to be there. When our founders worked in the food production industry, they experienced, firsthand, the challenging disconnect between carriers and shippers. What is important to one is not necessarily as important to the other. This does not make either one of them wrong.

Our founders had thought they found the solution in freight brokers. Brokers are supposed to be the liaison between the world that needs to move their cargo and the world that does the moving. But, as they quickly learned, this is seldom the case. More often than not, brokers tend to service one entity to the detriment of the other: either they favor the transportation industry, ignoring the needs and concerns of the shipper, or they serve the shipper leaving the carrier barely able to cover their costs.

This is where Diamond Logistics comes in. We are a broker the way brokers were meant to be. We aren’t happy unless the shipper and the carrier feel that they have been treated fairly and equitably. We work as a true transportation liaison. For the shipper, we provide expertise and access to the logistics world that would take more than a century to develop internally. For the carrier, we find good loads, on the lanes you need, for a fair price.